Our Team

Professor John Martin is CEO, Co-founder & Senior Consultant with Cadence Management Consulting since 1997. His work focus is on leadership, strategy and innovation in organisations and communities. Over the last decade good governance and sustainability of regional communities have been key outcomes of this work. 


He has an extensive academic, managerial and consulting career primarily in the Australian public sector, especially local government, as well as internationally for development agencies including The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UN Development Program and AusAID. He is a leading facilitator having worked with groups ranging from local government councils, university councils, company boards and community organisations.


John has also conducted management development programs for the public and private sector, including the Australian and New Zealand School of Governance and at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University, the alma mater for his doctorate in public policy. He also has a Master of Arts (ANU) and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management (UCanberra).


Recent consulting assignments include working with local governments reviewing their city development strategies, facilitating community engagement strategies leading to the development of council strategic and corporate plans. John also has an extensive background working with councils reviewing their structure and function. His approach is based on an organisation-wide engagement and assessment process. Much of John’s applied research and consulting work has been documented in his academic writing. (Go to  Publications to see his books, chapters, academic and professional journal articles). Refer to John's current institutional affiliations.


Services he offers include:

  • Applied research especially in: 

    • local and regional economic development 

    • local community development

    • organisational development

    • sustainability issues (Water, energy use, rural health issues, indigenous employment)

  • Strategic planning

  • Creating an innovative workplace culture

  • City development strategies

  • Workforce development strategies 

  • Design-led adaptation planning

  • Community development strategic design & facilitation

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Councillor leadership development

  • CEO performance management reviews

  • Organisational reviews and restructuring

  • Organisational development

  • Management education and training

  • Mentoring and executive coaching


Working with local governments across Australia to be more effective and efficient in the way they determine goals and objectives, set priorities, monitor and evaluate performance.


Professor John Martin has extensive knowledge and experience working with local government nationally and internationally with development agencies including the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, UNDP and AusAID. His approach recognises the diversity in local governments reflecting the different communities they serve.


Specifically the work he undertakes with local government includes: ·

  • Engaging your community in a dialogue about possible futures 

  • Setting your council’s strategic direction

  • Negotiating effective political management roles in council

  • Facilitating CEO and senior management performance reviews

  • Engaging, motivating and inspiring people working in council.



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Annie Guthrie is Co-Founder and Senior Consultant with Cadence Management Consulting since 1997. She has been a Senior Management Consultant and Director of Cadence Management Consulting since 1997, a company that guides and challenges clients in managing the momentum of change. Annie has a Masters in Business Administration (QUT), Bachelor of Arts (UCanberra). Annie had an academic, research, HRM professional background prior to working as a management consultant. She taught in undergraduate and masters programs at QUT University, conducted research projects for the ACT Community Services and Health Industry Training and Advisory Board and managed a 15 staff team to develop and implement Staff Development & Training, Change programs, Performance Management frameworks and other HRM services  in Department of Urban Services in Canberra.  


Annie offers experience in strategic R&D, IR, OD, HRM and ADR., mediation, conflict management and negotiation coaching, facilitation and training. She has worked broadly as a management consultant, organisational development practitioner, and facilitator of change for over 20 years. She provides consulting, coaching, career development, customised facilitation and training services to a wide range of industry, business and government sectors.


Annie's focus in her career has been on listening to others, analysing situations and facilitating others to develop organisational and individual resilience, enhance leadership capability, performance improvement, resolve conflicts, navigate negotiations and achieve desired outcomes. The last decade has focused on helping clients develop 'Conflict Resilience' in workplace conflicts in a variety of contexts, including local government, SMEs and large multinational and corporate environments. She has also worked with community and neighbourhood agencies to resolve issues. Engendering Negotiation Success is a program she developed in 2002 to address gender differences and skills in how women can be more successful in influencing others.


Annie is an accredited and long experienced negotiation coach and trainer (working for an international negotation consulting comapny for over 13 years) and is a nationally accredited mediator (LEADR and DSCV) and accredited conflict management coach (LEADR) enjoying work with both individuals and organisations. 


Services she offers include:

  • Negotiation coaching, mentoring and training

  • Video feedback negotiation preparation 

  • Conflict management coaching

  • Pre-mediation and mediation services for workpalce disputes and conflicts

  • Strategic planning

  • Service Reviews and organisational Reviews

  • Change management programs

  • Diversity Management programs

  • Resilience and Self management programs

  • Gender agenda and change

  • Intergenerational awareness and sensitivity training

  • Speaking and conference presentations 


She uses a wide range of strategic and interactive tools in her work. Team development projects utilise HBDI, MBTI,TKI, DISC and SDI, DeBono's 6 Hats, CPI, Cynergy Conflict Coaching. Career Development work includes the use MBTI, SDI, Holland, Resilience Doughnut and other assessments. Annie is a very experienced and qualified Career Tranistion Coach also providing services as Careering Forward TM and holds certification with CDAA as a Career Professional.


She provides career transition coaching services to organisations, individuals and groups of professionals including mature age over 45s, executives and graduates. Services include career assessment and planning, career change coaching,  developing personal brand, job search strategies resume appraisal, interview coaching. She also regularly facilitates workshops that align well these and other executive coaching services offered.



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