Our expertise in our field is built on extensive career development and management experience across a variety of industries,  knowledge of a wide range of occupations, industries and education and training courses.  As career coaches we provide professional, independent advice to assist you decide your career, course and employment options.


Our Approach

We have a strong commitment to use a solutions focused and srength-based approach in our coaching of clients through a variety of career challenges as needed. As career coaches we ensure you receive the best tools available to move forward in your career. We will work with you to help you find your passion, move forward in your career and achieve your full potential.


Our hours and mode of working with clients ensures flexibility by being able to help anyone across Australia when using our phone-based and online services or we can provide traditional face-to-face assistance with clients in Melbourne. Our appointments are offered either in and out of business hours.

Our services include career planning, career change and job search strategies.


Career Planning:

  • Assessments and interpretation - SVS, MBTI, HBDI, Holland

  • Strengths analysis based on skills, values 

  • identification of transferrable skills

  • occupational  research

  • industry research and demand

  • ​overcoming identified obstacles

  • analysis, SWOT evaluation and goal setting

  • Recommendations and decision making

  • Designing Career Action Plan


Career Development:

  • Identifying skills Gaps

  • Strategies to narrow skills gaps

  • Exploration of education and training options

  • Work experience and voluntary work options

  • Strategies to enhance skills and experience


Career Change:

  • Motivational and context analysis 

  • Career planning (as above)

  • Options generation and exploration

  • Decision-making, prioritising goals

  • Career change research strategies

  • Career Change Action Planning


Job Search:

  • Networking strategies

  • Market testing

  • Selling yourself

  • Resume writing and writing application

  • Linkedin and online newtorks

  • Volunteeering and work experience

  • Job Search Action Plan

Follow-up and review of Career Plan:

  • Review research findings

  • Revise Action planning

  • Process Evaluation and Recommendations

Range of Clients 
We have experience working with a wide range of clients and age groups including executives, highly qualified professionals, undergraduate and graduates preparing for new careers, people changing careers due to personal circumstances, older clients  (over 45) who are experiencing aged based barriers to gaining employment. We understand that personal circumstances and lifestyle options also vary across generations, cultures and ambitions as well as geographical and economic contexts. This can result in the need or desire for career change or a shift in employment. We can help you navigate the challenges associated with change that lie ahead in your career path, explore the possiblities, ignite your passions and interests, build confidence, generate ideas for development and research and ultimately secure a new place of employment. 

Career Coaching