We offer coaching services to facilitate clients to build resilience  and competence in managing themselves, others and their careers. We aim to develop collaborative relationships, engender respect, and use various learning frameworks to help executives and other business professionals and individuals identify and remove those interferences that limit their development. 


Conflict Management Coaching

We have establsihed affiliate professional business Conflict Resilience offering mediation and solution focused conflict coaching services:

Conflict management coaching or conflict coaching as it is also called, is a specialised one-on-one process that helps clients optimise the way they engage in their interpersonal disputes. The CINERGY® model of conflict management integrates executive coaching, conflict management and neuroscience principles. It is a dynamic seven stage process that is specifically designed to help clients improve their conflict management skills and abilities according to each person’s individual and specific goals. Conflict Management coaching is helpful for clients when preparing for mediation or negotiation. more


Negotiation Coaching

Navigating negotiations and effectively influencing others to achieve success and desired outcomes are daily challenges for all of us at work. We provide coaching to clients to help them achieve greater success in their negotiations. The skills and strategies might include negotiation research, preparation, planning negotiation strategies including negotiating style and tactics and understanding style. Several diagnostic and evaluative tools are included in sessions to help you appreciate your own approach to negotiations and to identify optimal learning objectives.



Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is increasingly recognised as one of the most effective ways to create dynamic, focused organisations and foster executive development.  We provide executive coaching to help managers and professionals unleash their natural talents, skills and experience - while ensuring they focus on clear development goals to achieve more aspirational career outcomes . Through executive coaching we assist managers to become more effective leaders and people managers, innovators and change agents. 



Team or Group Dynamics Coaching

While we are more familiar with coaching being provided in this context on a one-to-one basis, team or group coaching can be useful in various organisational contexts, from building group skills and accountability, to embedding learning after the completion of a skills program.

We use a variety of techniques to help develop your team, better deal with team conflict, team performance issues or structural change and leadership shifts. We can use HBDI, MBTI, DISC and Circles to help faciliating team coaching sessions. 




Career Transition Coaching

As experts in our field with experience across a variety of industries and knowledge of a wide range of occupations, organisations and course pathways. As career coaches provide professional, independent advice on your career, course and employment options. We have a strong commitment to use a solutions focused and strength-based approach in our coaching of clients through a variety of career challenges. As career coaches we ensure you receive the best tools available to move forward in your career. We will work with you to help you find your passion, move forward in your career and achieve your full potential. Our services include career planning, career change and job search strategies.