What does resilience actually look like in conflict- prone communities? What, if anything, can we do to strengthen  conflict resuilience? When is resilience a good thing to promote, and when is it an impediment to durable solutions to conflict? Resilience in the management of conflict relates to the concept of transformation; the significance of resilience as a conceptual tool in peacebuilding; as well as peace and conflict analysis; and the policy implications of the notion of resilience in peacebuilding work.


Conflict Resilient consultants and coaches can help you transform barriers and relationship breakdowns in teams and organisations that can often impede your performance due to the impact of conflict. We facililate and coach you in the processes and skills that will help you be more resilient. 

Conflict Management Coaching


In workplaces, CINERGY conflict management coaching helps to reduce the high cost of conflict. It is a process that supports an organizational culture that values effective conflict management as a core proficiency, by assisting leaders and other members of the workforce to:

  • resolve their interpersonal disputes independently and as close to the source as possible

  • prepare for challenging conversations

  • prevent unnecessary conflict from escalating

  • shift unproductive conflict reactions, to constructive responses

  • manage their adverse reactions to conflict.

Conflict management coaching may be used in other contexts, such as to assist clients with interpersonal conflict in their personal lives. Whether for personal or professional reasons, this form of coaching also assists people to participate in mediation, negotiations and other Alternative Dispute Resolution processes.


Test your Conflict Resilience Quotient

Facilitating Team Conflict


Workplace teams can often experience conflict that causes major limitations in productivty, performance and personal satisfaction. We explore the causes of team conflict and use a range of strategies to help the team achieve more manageable and workable outcomes. 


Factors that contribute to Team Conflicts:

  • personality differences

  • cultural and values based differences

  • incidents

  • bad history

  • poor attention to team development

  • poor communication. 



Pre-Mediation Coaching


When mediation is necessary conflicts have shifted to becoming disputes that have become untenable to resolve without the help of a neutral third party. Because of this it can be beneficial to provide Conflict Coaching or Pre-mediation coaching that helps the person prepare for a transformative shift during the mediation process. 


However, our mediator can travel anywhere. Effective conflict resolution can be delivered onsite for the comfort and convenience of all parties. The location and manner of any conflict resolution services that a dispute resolution mediator may deliver are flexible. See the "What is the Mediation process?" for further detail.


Your questions about mediation may be answered here in the FAQs. Conflict and dispute resolution is all about facilitating a negotiated outcome by enabling the parties to remain in complete control of discussions from the opening of talks to final resolution. It is more about agreeing and less about winning.



Conflict Resilience