Negotiation Consulting Services

We will help build your business resilience by helping you develop your negotiating advantage.


Our tailored approach will provide you with confidence that all essential skills and issues are captured and considered before negotiations business decisions are made.


We will assist you in improving, developing and maintaining the effective ways to influence others, mitigate risks and enhance opportunities.


Our approach is integrative by working with our client to develop business improvement processes into your day-to-day business activities.

We support the development of the organisation and the individual as needed, providing a range of services:



We provide tailored negotiation training seminars and workshops for individuals, groups and management to enhance their knowledge and benefit from a practical application of different negotiation principles, tactics and skills in their business. Our training is based on over 12 years of experience working with corporate and government clients (see Clients)



We will ensure that our clients are provided with a systematic negotiation coaching approach that is documented according to each individual’s needs. We also provide group coaching sessions. Essential in this process is the completion of needs assessment exercises: Negotiation Skills Analysis and Negotiation Review. Conflict Management Coaching can also help at this time. The completion of a Review will be administered for continuous improvement and quality purposes.


We know the value of observation and practice as a learning approach. We video role plays and mock negotiations as a very effective method in monitoring and review useful when working both with a group of individuals.


  • Negotiation skills analysis

  • Negotiation Preparation facilitation

  • Coaching one-on-one 

  • Group coaching for the negotiation team

  • Negotiation Training

  • Negotiation Reviews


We will utilise our strategic, conceptual and operational experience to directly support decision makers, to build confidence in new initiatives, to enhance compliance and improve existing processes. Undertaking process audits will ensure that the resources you invest in wil provide you with assurance that key organisational controls operate effectively and add measurable value to your organisation. We can assist you to implement organisation wide improvements to your negotiations by conducting comprehensive diagnostics and analyses of your business processes and practices and develop plans for change implementation. Our service and advice will provide a structure and clarity of needed actions for your business to reach its potentials.