Research Consultancy Services


Professor (Emeritus) John Martin has has been recognised for his success in leading research teams focused on delivering research outcomes that make a significant contribution to Australian communities. He has extensive experience in social science research and evaluation. He has won numerous Australian Research Council, State and Federal government funding for projects. We have also successfully completed numerous projects for local governments across Australia, an important area of focus in enabling regional development. 


Cadence team members work on a range of projects. One common task is medium scale evaluation, typically of government programs or projects. Research and stakeholder consultation are also frequently essential elements in our projects.


Cadence Management Consulting has worked with a diverse mix of local, national, and international clients for over 20 years. Our commitment is is to create insight and understanding via research, evaluation and the development of evidence-based policy and programs.


We are a highly professional small team, currently engaged in a variety of research projects. These include:


  • Innovation......?

  • Housing project.....?

  • Equality.....gender and management roles in Local Government.....?

  • CEO separation in Qld local government....?

  • The impact of ageing in place and retirement migration on Australian communities

  • ​Community Adaptation to living in hotter and dryer climates

  • Local economic and small buisness development via rail trail development

  • City Development strategies for regional and rural towns

  • Working with landholders to rehabilitate land for productive outcomes



Success for us means:

  • First and foremost, serving our clients

  • Working towards sustainable outcomes

  • Delivering benefit to the community



Company Values in Research Consultancy 


We work in a collaborative environment where our team values  and client orientation are:


Respect – we respect each other, our clients and those we work with and the community around us.


Impactful – through our work, we aim to make a difference and deliver benefit to the community.


Collaboration – wherever possible we seek to work in partnership internally, with clients and with other stakeholders outside our organisation, to ensure and enhance the quality of our work.


Sustainability - we are committed to being socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.




Our Core skills include:


  • Thinking outside of the box -something demonstrating innovatiive practice and skills

  • We are competent in both quantitative and qualitative research

  • Critical thinking and analysis

  • An understanding of the principles of applied research design

  • Understanding and experience of quantitative research principles in social sciences and/or human services.

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Knowledge of and experience in high quality evaluation projects

  • Strong written skills

  • Outstanding negotiation and communication skills

  • Good interpersonal and client relationship skills

  • Excellent presentation skills



For more information about our Research History see here.