Professor John Martin's Research History




ARC Grants:


2008 Linkage Grant: Interactions between Social, Economic and Regulatory Aspects of Residential Household Water Consumption, with B. Jorgensen (LaTrobe), M. Pearce and E. Willis Flinders and Coliban Water and South Australian Water. ($76,979)


2007 ARC through Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia to fund seminar and book preparation on Climate Change Responses across Regional Australia: Social Learning and Adaptation (with Rogers and Winter). ($7,500)


2006 ARC Discovery Grant: Australia’s Rural Heartlands: Declining Economic Fortune or Dynamic Regional Adjustment? With N. Argent (UNE), S. Baum (Griffith), L. Bourke (Melb), P. McManus and B Pritchard (Sydney) and T. Sorensen and J. Walmsley (both UNE). ($173,000)


2004 ARC Network Spatially Integrated Social Sciences, headed by Professor Robert Stimson University of Queensland. Co-convenor (with Professor Andrew Beer, Flinders) of the Regional Development and Capacity Building Applications Group. ($1.5mill)


2003 ARC through Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia to fund seminar and book preparation on governance and participation in regional development (with Eversole). ($7,500)


2001 SPIRT grant with Effective Negotiation Services International P/L to research Sino Australian business negotiations.


2001 SPIRT grant with HRM Consulting P/L to research the use of performance management information in organisations.


2000 SPIRT grant with the Local Government Association of Queensland to research the implementation of water policy reform in that State.



Other Grants


2015-2018 Project Manager, ARC Linkage Grant: Local Government and Housing in Australia for the 21st Century with Dr Andrew Beer (Uni of SA) and  Alan Morris (UTS). Working with 14 councils across eastern Australia to address a diversity of housing issues in these places. 


Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning (CHURP), The University of Adelaide

In 2013 ‘Second homes: impacts on local government’. An exploratory study of the impacts of second home ownership, population mobility and ageing on local governments in South Australia ($65,000)


Northern Grampians Shire Council LIEEP project – Innovation and Opportunities in Energy Efficiency for Disadvantaged Members of Our Community

In 2013 $545,800 ($60,000 to La Trobe for research and evaluation) for a three year project on energy conservation in group homes and community houses across the shire.


La Trobe University (Internal – Institute for Social and Environmental Sustainability multidisciplinary research funding)

In 2013 $9,561 for the Rural Retirement Migration: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities for Local Governments and Communities project with colleagues from the John Richards Initiative (Faculty of Health Wodonga campus).


Helen MacPherson Smith Trust

In 2012 ($300,000 requiring $ for $ matching funds) to support Project RENEW (Building the Health of Regional Communities through Hands on Involvement in Landscape Repair) with partners the City of Great Bendigo and the Northern United Forestry Group.


Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development

In 2012 ($10,000) for the Loddon Mallee Small Towns Typology. In partnership with the School of Social Sciences (Bendigo) and the John Richard’s Initiative, Faculty of Health (Wodonga).


Australian Centre of Excellent in Local Government

In 2012, $13,000 for Political Management in Australian Local Government: Exploring Roles and Relationships between Mayors and CEOs. In partnership with Professor Chris Aulich, University of Canberra.


Victorian Dept of Planning and Community Development; Moira Healthcare Alliance, City of Greater Bendigo and LTU’s Institute of Social and Environmental Sustainability

In 2010-2012 ($39,723) for Building sustainable ageing rural communities: A case study in northeast Victoria. In partnership with Professor Jeni Warburton and Dr Rachel Winterton, John Richard’s Initiative, Faculty of Health (Wodonga).


Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

In 2011-12 $600,000 ($170,000 to CSRC) for ‘Living with less water: Adaptation Strategies for the New Dryland. In partnership with The North Central Management Catchment Management Authority, and the Loddon, Campaspe, Ganawarra shire councils.


Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development

In 2011 ($9,750) to develop a typology of small towns in the Loddon Mallee region of Northwest Victoria.


National Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research

In 2011 ($211,780 under the Climate Change Adaptation Research Grants Program (ARGP) 2011 with A Beer (U Adel) M. Taylor (UoSA) and R. Gerritsen (Charles Darwin) “Australia’s Country Towns 2050: What will a Climate Adapted Settlement Pattern Look Like?”


Regional Development Australia Loddon Mallee

In 2011 ($7,500) for ‘Towns in the Loddon Mallee: Resilience and Liveability in the face of Environmental, Economic and Social Change’ a review of the literature and development of a research strategy for working with small towns in this region.


Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research

In 2011 ($289,000) with R. Roggema, R. Horne, J. Werner (all RMIT) ‘Design-led decision support for regional climate adaptation: Integrating biophysical, ecological and community considerations.’


City of Great Bendigo/Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development

In 2011 ($50,000 - $10,000 to CSRC) with J. Warburton, R. Winterton, F. McKenzie (Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development) ‘Rapidly Growing Grey in Rural Victoria’.


Local Government Sustainability Accord funding

In 2011 ($247,377 from the Victorian Local Sustainability Accord Round 5 funding ) with M. Graymore and C. Hurley (U Ballarat) ‘Building Local Government Change Agents for Resilient and Sustainable Communities’ a project which delivers customised training and mentoring for local government officers in regional Victorian councils involved with sustainability behaviour change programs.


Strengthening Basin Communities: Living with Less Water: Adaptation Strategies for the “New Dryland”

In 2011 ($760,000 total project budget - $150,000 to La Trobe) working with three local governments and the North Central Catchment Management Authority to develop a transition plan in response to community objectives to match land-use to land capability and identify landholder land-use and management options for land removed from the irrigation system to ensure good land-use transition decisions based on quality information and local knowledge.


Australian Centre of Excellence in Local Government

In 2010 a $15,000 grant to undertake the necessary work to prepare an ARC Discovery grant application to investigate the nature of political management relationships between senior managers and elected councillors in Australian local government.


Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Industry Foundation

In 2010 as part of a bid submitted by the Western District Health Service as part of the Sustainable Dairy Farm Families research a $100,000 grant to revisit the original cohort of farmers from this program. Since the initial grant in 2003 some 2000 farmers have participated in this program.


Institute of International Education in the Council for International Exchange of Scholars

In 2010 a grant under the Fulbright Specialists Program for Professor Sam Ham from the University of Idaho to work with Professor Martin on a project in the field of Environmental Science. This project involves an extensive six week program of workshops with five Victorian universities with non-metro regional campuses on communication strategies for climate change adaptation.


Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

In 2009 as part of a bid submitted by the Western District Health Service as part of the Sustainable Farm Families research a $100,000 grant to revisit the original cohort of farmers from this program. Since the initial grant in 2003 some 2000 farmers have participated in this program.


Victorian Department of Human Services

In 2008 $150,00 to undertake a 12 month community study in the town to Robinvale report to the Loddon Mallee Regional Managers Forum on the education, health and housing issues as a result of the influx of seasonal workers.


City of Greater Bendigo

In 2008 $23,000 (with Dr Bob Jamieson) to develop an integrated social indicators framework for evaluating local government levels of service and neighbourhood quality of life.


Bendigo Healthcare Group - Collaborative Health Education and Research Centre

In 2008 two projects: one for $6,000 to work with the evaluation team monitoring the Active HACC program in Bendigo and Heathcote communities. The second for $3,000 (with Dr Bob Jamieson) for reporting on the Educating for Early Return Targets training project for BHG.


Cycle Tourism Australia

In 2008 $30,000 (with Prof Sue Beeton) to develop an online ‘Research Tool Kit’ to measure the benefits of cycle tourism.


Western District Health Service Hamilton

2006 and continuing: A number of research assignments (totaling around $100,000, with Dr Brad Jorgensen) working with the Sustainable Farm Families research team (Principal Researcher Susan Brumby) to evaluate and report on aspects of the SFF program being conducted around Australia. I am also the research adviser for this project (which has attracted first Federal and more recently State Government funding totaling $4.5 mill) and facilitate the induction of all train-the-trainer programs for DPI staff and rural health professionals.


The City of Greater Bendigo

In 2006-07 $60,000 to evaluate six local major events which receive funding support from the City Council. Events include the Bendigo Wool Show and the Elmore Fields two of the largest events of their kind in the southern hemisphere. The findings from the research allowed the City Council to work more closely with event organisers in the planning and management of future events.


The Victorian Department of Primary Industries

In 2007 the Department awarded the Western District Health Service $2.9million to include 1,000 farmers from across Victoria in a two year Sustainable Farm Families program. Building on the early work developed by this program in broadacre, dairy, cotton and sugar industries it now includes all types of farmers from across the State. The grant is administered by the WDHS and I am engaged to advise the project on the research process. The CSRC also manages all the evaluation data and reports on this to the WDHS.


La Trobe University Regional Development Infrastructure Fund

In 2006 a $10,000 grant to fund the development of a conference and publication Renewable Energy for Regional Australia: Creating local economic development opportunities, to be developed and run in association with the City of Great Bendigo (contributing $30,000).


Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

In 2006 a $27,000 grant to extend Sustainable Farming Families research project into the cotton industry in New South Wales and the sugar cane industry in Queensland, in association with the Western District Health Service.


The Department of Sustainability and the Environment

In 2005 a $49,000 grant to revisit the towns in the 1988 Small Towns Study of Victoria, to enquire how these places had changed since the initial study. The Project was directed by LaTrobe’s CSRC and involved academic colleagues from the Victorian Universities Regional Research Network (Ballarat, Deakin, Monash and RMIT).


Geoffrey Gardiner Foundation

Commencing in 2005 a $314,000 grant ($648,000 with industry in-kind contribution) for a three-year Sustainable Dairy Farming Families project in a collaborative arrangement RMIT’s Centre for Regional and Rural Development, the Western District Health Service, WestVic Dairy and the Victorian Farmer’s Federation to investigate the role of individual and family health and well being on farm safety and farming success in the Victorian dairy industry.


Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

In 2003-05 a $220,000 grant for a three year research project the Sustainable Farming Families project RMIT’s Centre for Regional and Rural Development with the Western District Health Service, Farm Management 500 (pastoral industry benchmarking group), Land Connect Australia (NRM training company), Australian Women in Agriculture and the Victorian Farmer’s Federation to investigate the role of individual and family health and well being on farm safety and farming success in broad acre grazing. In December 2004 an additional $100,000 was awarded by RIRDC to the team to transfer this program to other Australian agricultural industries.


Iluka Mineral Sands Mining Company and the Southern Grampians Shire Council

In 2004 and 2005 a $10,000 seeding grant to monitor community response to the construction of a $120million mineral sands processing plant 6kms south of the town of Hamilton.


The Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Society

In 2003 and 2004 two grants of $5,000 each to undertake survey research of visitors and exhibitors to the annual “Sheepvention” agricultural show. This work informed subsequent strategic planning for the Society done by the CRRD for $8,000.


The Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority

In 2003 two $5,000 grants to develop position papers on Landcare in Australia and community based environmental education.


The Victorian Department of Natural Resources and the Environment

In 2002 a $50,000 grant with RMIT colleagues to advise Catchment Management Authorities on their investment strategy for funding from the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality.


Faculty of Business, QUT, research grants, including:

  1. 2001 $9,886.31 Investigating the co-ordination and management of flexible delivery in the School of Management (with A.J. Gudmundsson: FEC Teaching & Learning Grant)

  2. 2000 $5,000 to research managerial attitudes to sustainability in Queensland local government.

  3. 1999 $10,000 to review managerial competencies in Queensland local government.


Institute of Public Administration (Queensland Division)

In 1999 a $5,000 grant under the Institute’s inaugural funding grant for research in public sector management and administration. The results of the project Leadership Styles in Local Government: The Political and managerial interface, were published in the Australian Journal of Public Administration in 2002.


Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

In 1999 a $10,000 grant to research the development of innovation in award winning local government councils throughout Australia (report available on the AHURI web site).