Our Services

​An innovative workplace has successful and satisfied people working in roles to which they are suited. It develops leaders who understand people's strengths and limitations and uses this information to manage and develop them as individuals. We provide our services in order to empower managers, leaders, supervisors and staff to make this vision a reality.


​We help you to build your business and the culture of your people to protect and guide it in a constantly changing environment. We improve the effectiveness of your current practices, structures and opportunities.

We utilise our strategic, conceptual and operational experience to: directly assist and support decision makers; to put confidence in new initiatives; and to enhance and improve existing process.

We assist you with implementing improvements by conducting diagnostics to analyse your business processes, practices and developing proposals for change.


Our services and advice provide a structure and clarity of needed actions for your business to reach its potential.

We also support individuals seeking professional advice and assistance to progress in their professions and careers.

We have over 30 years combined experience working with multnational, government and non-profit client organisations. We have worked with senior executives, key account sales staff, elected councillors, senior government officials and managers and young and aspiring professionals and people on the shop floor.




Research  I  Coaching I  Mentoring  I  Facilitation I  Mediaton I  Negotiation I  Training I  Conference Presenting  I   Project Management

Strategic Development & Alignment

Strategic alignment occurs when the business strategy of an organisation is aligned with the culture, processes and infrastructure.

These four dominant alignment perspectives have been adapted and integrated with MBTI to use for the analytic understanding of how business and their people can be aligned.

The "strategic fit" at an organizational level can only occur when three of the four domains are in alignment. The implication is that change cannot happen in one domain without impacting at least two other domains.

We work with organisations to understand how they can achieve their outcomes. We use MBTI as a diagnostic tool to help align the people and business strategies of the organisation, and to assist in changes needed in the organisational culture and internal business processes.


Professor ​John Martin has worked with both private and public sector organisations across Australia and inernationally to focus and design strategies relevant to the changing circumstances of these organisations.

Leadership  Development


Cadence Management Consulting uses proven scientific assessment instruments to measure the leadership skills and styles of individual leader-managers. We use an organisational assessment to determine a company’s overall leadership strengths and needs.


We are able draw upon our team's different  backgrounds in psychology, organizational development and leadership to provide a comprehensive analysis and organisational and professional development recommendations as next steps.


We  provide expertise in transformational leadership training and development, as well as a team of coaches and mentors for individual managers and groups to enhance their skill level. Leader-managers are coached to become adept at creating an environment where employees are more innovative and collaborate in achieving organisational goals. 

Bass’ 'Transformational Leadership Theory' is defined as  the impact that leaders have on others as they garner trust, respect, and admiration from them. The 4 different components of Transformational Leadership Bass suggests are :

  • Intellectual Stimulation

  • Individualized Consideration

  • Inspirational Motivation

  • Idealized Influence

Negotiating for Better Outcomes


We have been providing negotiation consultancy including training and coaching for  a wide range of clients for over 15 years.

As consultants we :

  • Faciltitate negotiations utilising our experience of negotiation, conflict management and mediation

  • advise on negotiation needs and alternatives

  • analyse the situation and determine what's needed

  • provide assistance in researching your negotiations

  • we help guide negotiation preparation process as a vital key to planning successful negotiations 

  • help identify and implement the best negotiation strategies and tactics for your negotiation.

  • coach in identifying effective implementation plans


Our negotiation consulting work incudes one-to-one coaching and group training. We will provide the advice and guidance necessary to help you manage the entire negotiation process.

Encouraging   Innovation


Cadence Management Consulting can assist your organisation to simulate innovation in the workplace. We can help get your teams to come up with innovative ideas and where you are wanting a more comprehensive approach to contribute to your team or organisation's innovative system.


An 'Innovation at Work' program can provide team leaders, facilitators and innovation champions with an opportunity to energise your team, build team spirit, and inject some fun, creativity and innovation into your workplace. This also provides an excellent opportunity for managers and their teams to discover their hidden creative capabilities and the magic of collaboration.


The following four ingredients are engendered when we run a successful team innovation workshop:

1. A clear focus

2. New knowledge

3. A climate conducive to creative thinking

4. Asking the right questions

   Conflict Resilience


Developing Conflict Resilience is a key focus in the work of Consultant, Annie Guthrie. We provide Conflict Management Coaching, Negotiating coaching and facilitation, pre-Mediation Coaching and Mediation services for a variety of conflicts, particularly in workplace disputes.


We deliver training for those wanting to learn the skills of Conflict Management, Negotiating or mediation.


Annie Guthrie is a Nationally Accredited Medaitor (LEADR), also accredited with LEADR as a Conflict Management Coach and certified user of CINERGY, also certified in the use of various 360 degree profiling tools which can be utilised with clients including TKI, Conflict Dynamics and Genos Emotional Inelligence . Annie has over 15 years experience as a consultant in International Negotiation Consulting firms, has  an adaptable style that is pragmatic, insightful and compassionate.

Organisational Development


Cadence Management Consulting can provide a wide range of tailor made organisational development consultant services to meet the specific needs of your organisation. We can help at both the development and the implementation stages ensuring clarity and then delivery in the following areas:

  • Organisational Review

  • Creative Visioning and strategy

  • Structural change

  • Values and Culture change

  • Diversity Management

  • Future of work planning

  • Change management

  • Organisational Alignment

  • Behaviour change

  • Skills Development

  • Project management

  • Identify Expectations when restructuring

  • Build Confidence & Move on after restructures

Change Management


To succeed in today’s business environment, companies must change, adapt and evolve to meet local and global expectations. Change agents need to manage a broad set of management, leadership, culture and development elements. They must manage the change knowing that progress will be measured on the business results achieved.


​Resistance to change can impact growth and effectiveness of the change process and the business bottom line.

​Change management is a complex process. Our approach builds in elements essential for the effectiveness of change management initiatives.

1. Engage to get buy-in

2. Align the team

3. Build trust - communicate

4. Identify potential Barriers and old Baggage

5. Facilitate a paradigm shift in thinking

6. Learn to collaborate

7. Identify value and benefits

8. Leverage the new paradigm -put it into practice​


Mentoring & 


Our experienced team of consultants can provide coaching and mentoring support for many of your strategic, business and organisational development needs.


We are also able to skill managers and executives to coach and mentor their own staff and teams.


Coaching and Mentoring is helpful when others need advice:

  • on how to handle a situation at work

  • in strategy, leadership, organisational development, change management, innovation

  • to deal with difficult people

  • to manage an interpersonal conflict

  • to manage the internal of external politics

  • to explore a new passion

  • to test your ideas


​We can design a workshop or organisational intervention. 



Plus.... a new service developed by Annie 'Careering Forward' supports individuals and organisations  to develop careers, manage transitions and make career change decisions. 

Team Development

Team Development is essential for the success of any business. It's effective at reducing staff turnover, absenteeism and improving engagement  We help you to develop the team, group cohesion and synergy.

Our team development workshops are designed and facilitated to help managers, leaders and team members to understand important behaviours, motivations, problem solving and interpersonal communication.  


When requested we are eager to include outdoors settings, problem-solving and other highy interactve team building learning activities and physical games. MORE

By it's nature workshops are highly interactive and will require a designated work area away from the desk or work station. Team building uses a mix of exercises, instruments and tools. Team development is fundamental in the theory and practice of organisational development as we:

  • ​develop a team identity or 'Brand'

  • clarify team roles & responsibilities

  • build trust in a team

  • build teams based as values & strengths